Prefilled Cup Entry Robot


The Principle Function:

The AFRC Series can be equipped with an Prefilled Cup Entering Robot that takes the prefilled cups from a conveyor into the machine rotary table.
The robot unit can handle different cup sizes by a quick and easy exchange of the gripper arms.

A “Cup Serialisation Process” can be integrated into the cup entry station, sterilising the cups before entering the machine rotary table.

The highly hygienic, servo driven dosing unit fills highly sensitive and viscose products and can be equipped with a pressure tank up to 2 bar.

The Cup Sealing Unit seals the cups with foil. The complete unit is removable, without tools, for cleaning and maintaining.

The high clean filling nozzles for highly sensitive, highly hygienic products. Equipped with the “Seal Back Space Cleaning System”.

The Spice Dispersing Unit can put dry spices on top of the filled products, and the design of the spices on the product can be easily changed.

The Prefilled Cup Entering Robot takes the prefilled cups from a conveyor into the machine rotary table and can handle different cup sizes.

Clean air is necessary to fill products without preservatives. The filter housing of the unit is built from stainless steel and protects the filter from wash water.

The station lifts the cups out of the cup cells and pushes the cups on to the exit conveyor belt.

The Cup Lid Adding Station is easily and quickly adaptable for different cup lid sizes.