Box Folding Line


The Principle Function:

The highly flexible Box Folding Line, from the series ABO, is solidly built and easy to operate.

This series accommodates a large variety of box types and sizes. The box folding line is fed with stacks of flat box cutouts on pallets.

The machine takes the stacks of boxes down from the pallet and feds the stacks into the machine. After the boxes have been separated, the opener folds the boxes and checks that all the walls of the boxes have been assembled correctly.

The ABO series is available with an output speed of between 1500 and 3000 boxes per hour, depending upon the shape and ­size of the boxes. The stations are highly flexible and all functions are fully servo driven, pneumatic driven, ­frequency-controlled motor driven, and controlled from the control panel.

Box Opener Features:

  • The door covers are made from tempered glass, adhered into a stainless steel frame. Glass cover doors are much more resistant to scratches than Polycarbonate doors.
  • Flat box stack pallets buffer conveyor
  • The heavy duty buffer conveyor for pallets of box stacks are modular and extendable
  • Box stack separation station
  • Box opening station
  • Exit conveyor for opened boxes when finished

Highly Flexible Machine Stations:

The heavy duty buffer conveyor for the pallets of box stacks are modular and extendable.

The Opener contains the Box Stack Separation Station and the Box Opening Station.

The Box Exit Conveyor for finished opened boxes.